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ILYICH is a musician and storyteller reincarnated in Kherson, Ukraine.

Augmenting music performances with performance art ILYICH pilots full sound of electronic music through soul and jazz. Fusing synthesisers, drum machines, string orchestras, live bass and choirs ILYICH shares otherworldly stories of struggle and resolution told from multiple first-person narratives.

In high resonance with dancers and nerds, ILYICH is known for their live music releases with the Nervous Records and the Lot Radio in New York; Gilles Peterson and the BBC 6 Music Radio Rotation; unearthly performances at the Roskilde and Fusion Festivals and discursive occurrences at the Galleries, Museums and cultural spaces including the Serpentine Galleries in London; Sonic Acts in Amsterdam, SAVVY Contemporary, Centre for Contemporary Arts and House of the World Cultures in Berlin among others.

After leaving Ukraine as a refugee in the late 1990s the middle name ILYICH disappears from the artist’s papers and reappears as a semi-fictional persona during the contemporary art exhibition documenta14, in Athens in 2017. ILYICH’s elusive origin and fluid identity, their sound, music and stories encourage imaginative exploration and challenge contemporary forms of marginalisation processes on Earth. Committed to developing artistic responses in the form of musical concerts, interactive sonic sculptures, and learning sites ILYICH is motivated to momentarily disrupt identitarian, fascistic, and hyper-individualised constructions of the self that separate us. ILYICH is the initiator of the Grounded Outer Space People, a nomadic artist residency/music ensemble tracing the relationship between transmigration and music and the host of the Concrete Listening Show at the Refuge Worldwide Radio synthesizing words spoken by musicians and artists intuitively connected through jazz, soul, house, electronic, experimental, and improvisation-based music.

Driven by the vision to construct conditions for a unitive experience ILYICH develops an entirely different set of cosmological coordinates through music, sound, visual art and theatre. Fearlessly interwoven with myth and the act of storytelling this cosmic landscape meets the audience halfway and invites to unlearn predetermined relational models.



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